Monday, April 23, 2007

How To Spend Mothers Day at Home

In the past, Mothers Day meant taking your mother out to a fancy restaurant and treating her to a meal. It used to be that this was mom's way of getting a break. She didn't have to cook, and she didn't have to wash dishes. You could simply let her enjoy herself eating a meal that she didn't have to make or pay for.

However, the recent shift in Mother's Day celebrations has had many mom's wanting to spend the day at home with their families. It has become more of a custom to have mom rest at home, while the family takes care of her, getting her food and cleaning up and doing some of the chores. This has become something that is much more popular for many moms, and it has become more popular for a lot of reasons.

Stay At Home on Mother's day

First of all, the idea of getting dressed up and going to out to eat might seem fancy to a lot of moms who would rather just be at home. They don't' want to stress about what to wear and about having to be out in public with their families. Also going out does involve stress, especially if you have small children, and some moms might feel like they are working extra hard because they have to make sure their children behave in public.

To curb this idea, many moms prefer to stay at home. Their husbands and children can make them breakfast in bed and then the moms and the dads and the kids can spend the day together at home as a family. Many times the rest of the family will prepare a special Mothers Day meal for the mom, and she can simply sit back and watch. Then, they'll help out by doing the chores that mom usually does.

The reason that it has become more and more popular to spend Mothers Day at home with families is basically because that is what the day is intended to be about. The day shouldn't be about showing off your family and dressing up in fancy clothes to go to a restaurant. By staying at home, mothers can be surrounded by the people that they love, and the families can still show mom how important she is by cooking her food and by doing things for her during the day.

The main purpose behind Mothers Day is to show mom how important she is. Because of this, the day should be about the things that mom wants to do, and she should be able to choose how she spends her day. Most of the moms in the world want to spend their very own day with the family that they love, the family that they spend each of their days taking care of. If you ask your mom what she wants to do for Mothers Day, you'll find that most of the time she wants to be at home, close to those that she loves.

Being at home is the result of wanting to be with the people you care about the most. Don't be surprised if your mom or your wife doesn't want a fancy dinner on her special day. In fact, be honored that she would rather spend the day at home with you than go out to eat somewhere fancy. There are many things that you can do as a family for Mothers Day that your mom or your wife will appreciate more than a dinner. These can be as simple as playing a game together as a family, or even cooking together. No matter what, your mom wants to spend the day at home, with you!


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